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The enamels included between two layers of glass are distributed with the glance by the prepare who will pass then his parison to the Master Blower.

The melting point to 1400° allows an unquestionnable malleability to work the objects, but fast cooling leaves only a few minutes to the Master Glass-maker (10 years of training) to carry out a perfect work.

We employ for this purpose: copper, cobalt, chromium, nickel and manganese, to quote some of them.
The object was reheated several hours in an arch, to resist the variations in temperature.

Half-compartment, ground, dulled then signed by the creator Himself, all these operations pass by the hand of the man, which allows each time a new checking.

Perfume bottle and glass bottles

To emphasize your products, Creation Tief, the manufacturer of lamp conceived(designed) a unique(only) collection of french perfume bottles.

Every french perfume bottle is the result(profit) of the picking of a glass gob, put down(deposited) in a mold in cast iron, in which a powerful breath of air(sight) is going to scatter the glass on its walls.

The glass or the crystal, cools, the french perfume bottle keeps(guards) the desired shape. Molds having served to make these french perfume bottles are original and former(old) molds.

For corks, the work is even more specific and "Bouchonnier" is an expert, so much it is necessary of the precision to manage in the blow of eye the quantity which must be put down(deposited) in the mold, the hand of the man is thus very present in the manufacturing of all this collection of french perfume bottles.

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