Créations TIEF : Luminaires

Tief : Agencement hôtellerie

layout and organization hotel business

Creation Tief, one of the specialists of the layout(organization) in the field of the hotel business.

He(It) intervenes in the following domains: layout(organization) and arrangement(development) of spaces for the professionals of (the hotel business, the restoration(catering), the brasseries(breweries)), assistance(audience) and advice(council), creation of design and trendy lamps such as: lamps hotel, lamps design, lampposts, crystal chandeliers(lusters), swig molten glass, design wall wall lamps, polish molten glass, etc.

He(It) offers a vast range of design lamps for all the desires(envies), intended for the private individuals and for the commercial premises: layout(organization) hotel business, restoration(catering), brasseries(breweries), etc.

Creation Tief, the manufacturer of lamp, conceives(designs) an original collection of products of lighting, classic and modern for the layout(organization) in hotel business and for the interior design.

Do not hesitate to consult our catalog lamp for the layout(organization) and the arrangement(development) of spaces in hotel business.

High-end products for the layout(organization) in hotel business in unbeatable price.