Créations TIEF : Luminaires

Tief : Luminaire cristal

Lamp crystal and molten glass lamps

Lamp crystal

Creation Tief, based(established) by HUGUES THIEFFRY manufacturer of lamps, specialist of lamps in glass crystals and molten glass, design lamps molten glass, chandeliers(lusters), wall lamps and lampposts for the layout(organization) of hotels, brasseries(breweries) and restaurants.

You will find in our catalog internal lamp of lamps in molten glass and GLASS CRYSTALS, allying charm and whim, a perfect complement in your interior design.

Every lamp in MOLTEN GLASS is signed by his(her) creator HUGUES THIEFFRY.sous its mark(brand) TIEF

Hugues THIEFFRY, founder of the mark(brand) Creation TIEF in the peculiarity to supply lamps with QUALITY MOLTEN GLASS, for the interior design due to the wealth of the used materials, the glasses and the selected crystals

selected carefully.

Our lamp in MOLTEN GLASS OR(WHERE) GLASS CRYSTALS will illuminate perfectly your inside and will throw a beautiful light such as you dreamed about her(it).

That they are classic or modern, our products of lighting (lamps, chandeliers(lusters) in glass crystals, swig molten glass, lamps hotels, design wall wall lamps, polish molten glass) witness our knowledge.