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Wall downlights

Wall lamps lamp

For the interior design of your room(chamber), Be allowed try by our various styles of wall lamps lamps: contemporaries, the Baroque, the design, the NEW, ART DECO ART.

An impressive choice of wall lamps lamp waits for you for the interior design of your room(chamber) or commercial premises (hotel, restoring, bed and breakfast, discotheque(record collection), etc.).

Thanks to wall lamps lamps in molten glass, discover a New World of colors and light just like your taste.

Certain internal lamps and wall lamps lamp are practical and adapt themselves in a very simple way to the reserved spaces.

Discover our last catalog very rich in wall lamps luminairesen molten glasses and lamps inside with a very wide choice of color and materials.

To reach the price(prize) of wall lamps lamps in molten glass, NEW AND ART DECO ART or to inform you. Thank you for contacting us by e-mail.