Créations TIEF : Luminaires

Tief : Luminaires hôtel

Lightings for hotels

A range of lamps specially dedicated to the layout(organization) of hotels and to the lighting of commercial premises.

You will find here all the essential lamps to emphasize (your hotel, restoring, guest houses, bars, bars, community, discotheque(record collection) and sales area): lamps hotel, lamps design, lampposts, crystal chandeliers(lusters), swig molten glass, design wall wall lamps, polish molten glass, etc.

Ideal complement for the interior design, these lamps are of use to the complete lighting of your hotel, restoring and commercial premises.

These professional lamps will allow to add a touch of ornamental light to your hotel.

Our collection of lamps for hotel is signed by his(her) creator, HUGUES THIEFFRY, founder of the mark(brand) TIEF, these lamps are used by hotels, for all the applications of lighting.

Do not hesitate to consult our catalog lamp to personalize the decoration of your hotel. You will find various models of lamps for the lighting of your hotel as well as multiple colors at your disposal.